Find the best SUP boards that not only suit your needs but also your budget from our extensive collection of standard SUPs. These standard stand up paddle boards come with a lot of variety to ensure that every SUP enthusiast is able to find that perfect SUP paddle board. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a beginner or a seasoned paddle boarder, we have the boards to keep you afloat! Simply start browsing to find the perfect SUP for sale for you.

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SUP Foil on Flat Water

11 waves in a row on a foil

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Inflatable SUP for sale

Sea Eagle Paddle Board

Needle Nose NN126 SUP Start Up Package

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FunWater TIKI Cruise Paddle Board 10’6″

10’6″ length 33″wide 6″thick Inflatable SUP with Adjustable Paddle, ISUP Travel Backpack, Coil Leash, High Pressure Pump and Waterproof phone Case

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Costway 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

3.3M SUP Surf Board Kayak Adjustable Paddle w/Bag

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If you’re someone who doesn’t find the storage and transportation problems of standard SUPs attractive, an inflatable SUP board is a very good option. These stand up paddle boards only take minutes to come into shape or get back into their foldable state.

Storing inflatable stand up paddle boards are very straightforward. They are also perfect for those who like to explore remote bodies of water where access is difficult. An inflatable SUP is much easier to travel with. It’s also a very budget-friendly option compared to a standard SUP. You can now find the best inflatable SUP for sale on this website with a rich inventory to choose from.

Standard SUP Boards

Our SUP boards come in a wide range of variants, complete with different accessories. We have the basic SUP boards from world-class manufacturers guaranteed to give you the best SUP experience. You can also select a more rounded package complete with all the basic accessories, the perfect choice for beginners. Different people have different preferences; this is why we have provided the choice of all the best SUP boards available on the market. Go ahead and browse through the catalog of SUP boards to find one best suited to your needs. The SUP boards come in various sizes as well as shapes, so you have the choice to pick one SUP boards and examine its compatibility with your personality.

Connelly Skis SUP

 Drifter iSUP Paddle Board

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Cross SUP Stand Up Paddleboard, Gloss  12″

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SUP Foil Package

2019 Ride Engine Futura SUP Foil Package

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SUP Carrier

COR Board Racks / Sup Paddleboard Cart Carrier -2 Sizes And Fits All Sup’S – With Extra Large Beach Wheels – Simple Lightweight Design Large 5-5.5″

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SUP Paddles For Sale

3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle for Paddleboard Carbon Shaft Blue Print Plastic Blade

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AIRHEAD AHSUP-P4 Carbon Composite SUP Paddle

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Red Paddle Co Glass Nylon 3-Piece SUP Paddle

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The paddle is as important as the board for a stand-up paddle boarder. Open yourself to a world of SUP paddles with unparalleled variety on this website. We bring you paddles from many different brands, various models and designs, sizes, and types.

We believe in offering products for paddle boarders of all levels and that applies to our SUP paddles too! You can also find a SUP paddle for sale for an affordable price as we carry products that are suitable for all kinds of budgets while ensuring quality at the same time.

The SUP Boards We Offer

We stock a great range of stand up paddleboards in different styles and designs, including top brands. Our selection includes inflatable stand up paddle boards, flat water boards and entry level boards for first time users.

What are the stand up paddle boards made of?

Most SUP boards are made using a reinforced plastic construction using polyester or epoxy resin together with a polyurethane or expanded polystyrene foam. Inflatable SUP boards vary in length and have padded decks. Shorter boards are more manoeuvrable. Race boards can be made of fibreglass or carbon fibre.